Monday, 27 May 2013

A lovely night, but why does if feel so strange

A lovely night, but why does if feel so strange

I had the loveliest of nights tonight, I was invited by a great friend Caroline and a new friend Jen and partner Joolz over to chat about projects and for some Dinner .we are all passionate about awareness, learning and hopefully helping bring more understanding and help in our own small ways .we had a good chat and worked on some ideas all three of us have and I hope learnt little things from each other ,I was certainly inspired ,I always am when I see Caroline and Jen has an appetite and enthusiasm that is lacking in many who do the same type of work
This was the first time in many years I had been to dinner at someone’s house it was the first time in many years someone had made dinner for me but underneath is how out of touch I am with social occasions and how isolated mum and I where from the social side of life .i spent my previous life before dementia and caring working hard, never as hard as my wee mum worked and I had a great social life. Tonight was so lovely, good food, great company and conversation but underneath a certain feeling of discomfort about being there and sadness in my heart of the nights we spent alone. Why does dementia and caring take away the company of others, why do we allow it. On the bus home all I could think about was how sad it was the great company of my mum was missed by so many after dementia knocked on our door
Thank you Jen Joolz and Caroline for a lovely night and helping a son find his way back from the loneliness we faced for to long

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