Saturday, 25 May 2013

Just one of those days ,


The last few weeks have been incredibly and thankfully busy .I have had  talks or meetings just about every day for the last 3 or 4 weeks (months really ) ,on a few occasions a couple talks in the same day

I kind of caught up with myself  today and it has been quite a sad day ,the truth is I just miss my wee pal ,it was just mum and me for the last years , facing all that dementia and caring brings ,the good days ,the hard days ,the happy days the sad days ,but always managing to pick each other up when times where hard

That was my wee mum to a tee ,even till the end that smile ,the stroke of the hand and on the days when I thought we can't do this this is to hard ,my mum changed it and propped me up to carry on .
And not even for her it was for me to make sure her big boy got through this even if she would not

It's been a tearful day today thinking back to chance missed and things that could have been better
And that's the thing that stands out the happy days are never as happy and the sad days are so sad it hurts .sitting here alone just now feeling sorry and sad would never have lasted as long as it has today ,my wee mum would had changed that with a knowing smile or a stroke of the hand

I just miss you mum ,I miss you so very much


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  1. Aw Tommy. Don't be too sad. Think back to some of the happier times and How proud your Mum would be of you. Your Mum lives on through you! It's down to you that we know what an amazing person she was and the loving son she raised. Gregory Peck once said "tough times don't last, tough people do". Have a great weekend.


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