Sunday, 12 May 2013

At event Glasgow to hear Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeons speech


I will be popping in to hear Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeons speech tomorrow at the lighthouse Glasgow.As an awareness campaigner it's important I try and keep up to pace with all the is happening politically

I have met the Deputy FirstMinister   a few times over my campaign, when I first took my letters to parliament. Nicola was Cab  secretary  for health I have great respect for the time given to a son who was caring for his mum and trying to raise awareness 

A few weeks before my wee mum passed away  Nicola made a very private visit to our house to meet as she said " the mum behind the campaign" having read about my wee mum so often along with hearing me speaking about mum at awareness events she felt it was important to meet my mum .I have to say there was no fuss ,no media just a daughter visiting a mother.We never got many visitors over the years and so often when out campaigning I would come home hold my mums hand and tell her all that had happened .I have been to parliament on many occasions since the campaign started and always wished my mum was well enough to come .but I will never forget the night part of parliament came to visit Joan and took time to hold her hand 

I wish mum was here tonight to hold her hand one more time 

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