Sunday, 19 May 2013

Launching 2 films -carers & dementia awareness week June 2013


I will be in two new films being launched June 10th & 13th 2013 to coincide with carers week and dementia awareness week

Film 1

Launch June 10th

This is part of nhsgg&c patients stories ,I was interview about caring for my magnificent mum Joan ,this film is part of a set of 4 for acute services training  .With thanks to nhsgg&c community engagement team especially Dan Harley and Con  Gillespie   

link to interview

Film 2

Launch date June 13th

This film "IT OK  TO ASK " is a partnership with nhsgg&c -chp ,GCC ,alliance Scotland and service partners .I took the idea to Peters Daniles and Jill Carson from Nhsgg&c -chp and its based in part on my own experience caring and from the letters I receive

The film will go in a booklet  the GCC pathways services to GPs across Glasgow for carers and on partners websites ,with thanks to the above along with the steering group including Ann CUmmings ,VIv Paterson (SW Glasgow) Cathie Beatie (Alz Scotland ) and the amazing carers who shared thier stories in order to help others
I do a wee voice over to tell the story and introduction to the carer stories


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