Tuesday, 30 April 2013

13th June launching “ITS OK TO ASK” new carer engagement film with NHSGG&C -CHP

The new Carer Engagement Film I wrote with Enterprise Screen funded by NHSGG&C in partnership with the Alliance Scotland will be launched on June 13th at a Glasgow City Centre venue.

The film with a booklet will go to GP`s across Glasgow and will be freely available to carers and families.  This film was inspired by the families who write to me and I hope helps families reach out for support available that can help them.

For me sitting alone nearing crisis is a tragedy in itself I hope this film helps people reach out and understand there is help available and that its ok to ask!.

We are on the last day of filming for the new carer engagement film in partnership with NHSGG&C –CHP.

Today we have some carers speaking about support and the difference support at the right time and manner can make, with a big thanks going to Cathie and Viv for their efforts and all the carers taking part.

Looking to launch the film early June

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I will be popping in to enterprise screen Friday to do a bit more filming  for the new carer engagement film for NHSGG&C-CHP  along with recording some voice overs for some of the filming we have already done 

Post From FilmingLast Week 

just home from a long day from the first day of  filming a new carer engagement film “ITS OK TO ASK “ A  partnership with NHSGG&C- CHP , and the ALLIANCE Scotland  ,Its was great to spend the day with the crew from enterprise screen who directed and filmed my Tommyontour film funded by Alzheimer Scotland back in 2011
I took the idea for this film to Peter Daniels and Jill Carson from NHSGG&C and it is based on my own experience caring for my mum and from the content in many of the letters I receive .Many people are heading towards crisis before they ask for help or are not aware how or who to ask for advice and support and more than that not aware of support they can get to help when life changes in so many ways as a loved one needs care
For me personally I was lost lonely and isolated and asking for help seemed an impossible task .I hope this film and the awareness road shows that accompany and follow the launch helps reach out to carers and also bring more understanding on the caring roll to the wider society
I will never claim that services and support will fix all the problems and issues we face caring for a loved one but its to hard to do it alne and I truly believe it’s a tragedy to not know about help available and I truly believe “ITS OK TO ASK “
I dont want anyone to feel like I felt to often and i want everyone to get the best help and support  available thats not to much for anyone to ask ,is it ?

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  1. AnnemarieJune 03, 2013

    Hi Tommy, BIG DAY soon when your film will be launched. You ve been a mega busy man, and I am sure your film will help people think about the support that carers need - so keep going, keep smiling and wishing you all the best for the big launch day.


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