Saturday, 13 April 2013

Back slapping ,I would rather have a shoulder to lean on

Back slapping ,I would rather have a shoulder to lean on
 I have spent and do spend most of my time out meeting families, living with dementia or caring for a loved one ,I also attend as many events as I can to listen and learn ,this culture sometimes of backslapping and telling us how well they are doing ,how great things are infuriates me .Absolutely we have to promote great work ,opportunities ,and services ,but I  struggle to listen to people who come from  behind their desks to wax lyrical about how great they are doing ,as most time it bares no resemblance to my life caring for my mum ,the hundreds of letters I receive or the thousands I have met over the last year ,so a bit less back slapping ,a bit more listening ,and getting from behind your desk to meet and listen to people might change your understanding,future plans and talks
A slap in the back I would much rather have a shoulder to lean on and prop me up when caring for my mum

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