Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Launch of Life changes trust

Attending Launch of Life changes trust today

Welcome to the Life Changes Trust
Life Changes Trust (LCT) is about to have a big impact on the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in Scotland. Over the next ten years, the Trust will invest £50 million to benefit individuals and communities throughout the country.
LCT has been set up as an independent charity to achieve positive change by nurturing initiatives and influencing policy. The Trust will focus on two specific groups - young people who are in the process of leaving care, and people with dementia and their carers.
Collaborating with local authorities, the NHS, voluntary organisations and other stakeholders, LCT will provide immediate action and long-term support. The outcome will be a significant and lasting improvement in the quality of life for two groups of particularly vulnerable people
Life Changes Trust

The Life Changes Trust is about to make a big impact on two of Scotland’s most vulnerable groups:
·        young people leaving care; and
·        people newly diagnosed with dementia and their carers

Carers for those with dementia

“I absolutely believe as a Carer that if you prop me up a little bit, then I will give my Mum the best care in the world…”
Tommy, Carer

Link to LCT web Page

Link to short film (including a short talk by myself )

Some Photos took of the Launch today.

Me, Irene Oldfather, James McKillop,  Edward and Professor June Andrews  
Me, Irene Oldfather and Caroline Brown

Me and Jim Pearson

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