Sunday, 21 April 2013

Today ,speaking at Improving Links in Primary Care Meeting

Monday, attending, speaking at Improving Links in Primary Care Meeting

With great thanks to Christine Hoy for inviting me to attend and speak  at the Improving Links in Primary Care Meeting on Monday at the ALLIANCE  Scotland 
I look forward to attending and speaking about life caring for my mum Joan, the letters I receive and People I have met on my tour


Posted on April 21, 2013
It’s a terrible thing if support is there for someone in need but they don’t get it – they miss it because connections are not made. There are fantastic initiatives all over Scotland as people in communities “just get on with it” and formal and informal groups, the NHS and Third Sector provide a mass of support. But how do you get to find out about resources when local relationships have not been formed and the information is disconnected?  This is a particular problem in primary care, where staff are in great position to point patients to support, but they need to know what’s there, where is it and who’s providing it!
This is why we’re gathering on Monday afternoon at the Alliance hub in Glasgow – to consider the role of a link worker and the processes involved in signposting which connect primary care with assets in the community. We’ve gathered people working in link worker projects (also known as community catalysts, community agents, local area coordinators, social prescribers, signposters etc) and others who want to learn more. Are link workers only needed in more deprived areas – is there a need for this connecting role in more affluent areas?  ALISS can play an important role by providing staff with quick access to resources, and connecting information crowd sourced by local people and organisations.
First we’ll  hear from Tommy Whitelaw, who will describe his experience of seeking help to care for his mum who had dementia, and from 4 projects from across Scotland.  We will then form groups to discuss scenarios provided from real experience of Dr Peter Cawston, of Drumchapel Medical Practice. The stories will be an excellent way to consider different aspects of signposting and link workers – the benefits and challenges involved.
Then we will report back after what looks like being a really interesting meeting.

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