Friday, 19 April 2013

Thanks to all at the Alzheimer's Show London

After a longer than expected train journey thanks to the train breaking down  I finally arrived better late than never in London this morning to speak at the Alzheimers show

A big thanks to Sara and the events team for their kind invitation and the opportunity to share my story of caring for my mum and the life stories of those who wrote to me with their audience. Thanks also to all who came along and took the time to stop by and speak to me afterwards.

Im making my way across town to Camden town hall where I have been kindly invited to speak at their dementia awareness event, then jumping back on the train up north to speak at the Labour party conference in Inverness.

A very busy couple of days, and Im very grateful to all of those who have set up these opportunities for me to raise awareness and share this story as widely as possible


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  1. Well done Tommy. You've really been getting about these past few days! I'm reading good tweets about you at the Alzheimer's Show. Congrats Tommy!


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