Thursday, 18 April 2013

Today,Speaking Camden town hall Dementia Awareness Event with thanks to Mayor Camden Meric Apak


With great thanks to councilor Meric Apak  (social care exec Camden ) and  the Mayor of Camden  for inviting me to speak at their dementia awareness event /discussion on dementia and caring

Councilor Meric Apak got in touch after reading my blog about my wee mum, dementia and caring and asked if I would speak at an event the council are organizing

I look forward to speaking about caring for mum, letters and life stories, Once again great thanks to Cllr Apak and the Mayor of Camden

Dementia Awareness Event – Council Chamber – Friday, 19 April

Speakers:  Mayor will open the event and give some background to the event and introduce speakers.

Speakers are invited to join the Mayor in the Parlour at 4.15 pm to meet other speakers and for a general briefing on the event.

·         Councillor Pat Callaghan, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member  for Adult Social Care and Health
·         GP – Dr Caz Sayer, Chair of Camden Clinical Commissioning Group
·         Tommy Whitelaw, Dementia Carers Voices
·         Camden Dementia service Carer Norman Washington – Bier.  He cares for his mother
·         Robert Holman, Strategic Commissioner, Mental Health Care for Older People (HASC)

Order of Proceedings:

Council Chamber:
Tommy Whitelaw film to be screened in Council Chamber as people arrive
4.30        - Mayor to open discussion in council chamber and introduce panel of
                 Speakers and to invite Cllr Meric Apak to say a few words about why
                 he asked for this event to take place

4.35        - Cllr Pat Callaghan (to talk about the Dementia Plan, its aim and
                 objectives/key stakeholders and Camden’s plan and commissioning
                 priorities – briefing note provided)

4.40        - Norman Washington – Camden carer

4.55        - Tommy Whitelaw – will speak about his personal experiences as a carer
5.25        - Dr Caz Sayer, Chair of Camden Clinical Commissioning Group

5.40        Q&A session – managed by Robert Holman, Strategic Commissioner,
               Mental Health Care for Older People  (HASC) 

5.55        Summary of issues raised and how issues raised today will be taken

6.00        refreshments will be provided on civic floor

6.30         close

Caroline Bartram
Democratic Services Project Officer
Democratic Services
Law and Governance
London Borough of Camden

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