Friday, 19 April 2013

Inspiring day at Camden Town Hall

I headed across town after my talk at the Alzheimer show to attend the launch of the Camden Dementia Plan and  dementia awareness event at Camden town hall in the town chambers
The Day was set up Cllr Meric Apak and hosted by the Mayor of Camden .I felt very privileged to be invited as one of the guest speakers to share my experiences caring for my mum along with Norman Washington also a son who cares for his mum and Lives in Camden .it was great to see and more importantly hear from Professionals the health and voluntary sector and carers all discussing together experiences, aims and outcomes
.I wish all involved the very best with the Camden Dementia Plan launched today  

I met some amazing new people/ friends today and was great to meet people I have got to know via twitter such as Gary from AGE UK Camden. Thank you for inviting me along and for allowing me to share part of my story at today’s event also a big thank you from a son to Norman for sharing his story and to Caroline for all her hard work event and looking after us so well

A few photos below from today’s event, heading to get the sleeper to Inverness to speak at the labour party Conference tomorrow

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