Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Yesterday ,the toughest of talks at the hospital my wee mum passed away

My wee mum was never in hospital to often over the 5 years I cared for her,over the last months of life my wee mum was admitted 4 times, for a week each time ,on the last occasion after a seizure she passed away .I have been invited by the hospital to speak to staff ,4 talks this month ,one a week on a Rota of staff across the older persons wards .I commend NHSGG*C  for this opportunity as a son to share my /our experiences over 5 years .A mum  living with dementia and a son trying to care for her and I say well done to Geraldine Marsh wards manager for making this happen
Today was the first of 4 talks and I thank all who took the time to attend .the talk today just happened to cover the ward my wee mum was in after her first seizure for a week 4 weeks before she passed away and in the day room I  sat in over that week .I have to say it was hard to hold back the tears as I walked down the corridor to do the talk and a harder journey  on the way out .The last time back in September I left the same hospital was the day my wee mum passed away I cried that day and have cried so often since and I had good old cry on the bus heading home today ,But I am grateful for the opportunity to speak about my mum ,dementia caring and the life stories I receive  .Its my passion and I am a would be awareness campaigner .I don’t know what my talks mean to anyone else ,that’s not for me to say ,but I hope they mean something ,I hope they remind people how great mums are ,how great dads are ,how great people are and the important part they play in the life and love stories of others,
I miss mum every single day ,she was my best pal and I I miss her even more tonight sitting at home after the toughest talk of all  


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