Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Emotional interview with NHS community engagement team

An emotional interview ……………………………..


Been another busy day .This morning I attended Glasgow Caledonian University nursing students Health fair  and spent the morning visiting  all the stands covering a wide range of health and awareness .the enthusiasm and talent of the students was inspiring .I was one of the judges and gave out a few prizes ,so thank you all for a lovely experience and privilege

I then headed over to meet Dan from the NHSGG&C Community engagement team at the Royal infirmary to be filmed for a nursing / carer engagement  film they are putting together for nursing practice events .my interview will be added to others for this DVD

It was quite emotional looking back and answering questions on life caring for my wee mum and speaking of experiences that we faced good and bad .so thank you to Dan and the team for the opportunity to be involved and I hope in some small way my along with others they have interviewed can help in some small way add value and more understanding  to all who view

the filmed interview will be available to view end of April 


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