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itinerary Tommyontour 2012 /2013


My blog gets 9500 hits per month sitting on 101, 000, views at moment
And I have 2100 twitter followers from around, a significant number of them from Councils and Care providers.  I The story of my campaign, my film and blog is now on 30 sites across the world.

I have had articles in most nation newspapers and have received hundreds of life stories to date

16th Feb 2012

I spoke at the Council meeting in Glasgow City Chambers and was present when they approved a motion for a Cross Party Dementia and Carers Group.


Council recognises the inspirational efforts of Tommy Whitelaw in raising awareness of the issues effecting the carers and families of people suffering from Dementia through his “Tommy on Tour” campaign
Council agrees to set-up a Cross Party Working Group to engage with carers and to ensure that the services provided to carers are appropriate to the needs of the carers and those suffering from Dementia and that the Working Group’s findings be presented by Council to the Scottish Government.

Moved by
Councillor John Flanagan
Seconded by
Councillor David McDonald

I have been invited to be the Carers Representative on this group.  This will be formed after the local elections and there will be a representative from each party, Head of Social Work, Alzheimer Scotland and the North Dementia Forum. 

17th Feb 2012

Meeting with Social Work and Adult Services.  I continue to be encouraged by their interest in my campaign and the discussions this generates about the people concerned.  They are looking at a way of setting up opportunities for me to talk within their departments.  They are keen to take this further.

20th Feb 2012  

I was the guest speaker at a coffee morning hosted by the Age Concern Dementia Centre and East Renfrewshire Carers.  The audience included carers and Councillors and people who worked within the community of Eastwood i.e.  Housing and community service providers.

27th Feb 2012

I met with Daniel Connelly who is the NHS Community Engagement Manager for Glasgow.  This meeting generated another talk to the heads of various departments within the NHS.  I will give more detail of this later in the report.

26th Feb 2012

I met with Peter Daniels who is Non-executive vice Chair of Greater Glasgow Health Board.  Following this meeting Peter asked me to send him an outline of how we can work together to promote Dementia and Caring awareness within the areas he covers.  I continue to work on this and he will arrange a board meeting for him to discuss this with me.

28th Feb 2012

I was invited to speak at the South Ayrshire Carers Centre to give a talk on my campaign. This should have been a group of carers and community workers however I had to cancel this the day before as I did not have enough money that week to take this journey.  I found this really upsetting but thankfully they are trying to rearrange the date.

28th Feb 2012

I was a guest on the Kaye Adams show on BBC Radio Scotland.  This resulted in an unusually high response from the public in the number of callers who phoned in to give their support.  I had a call from the producers and we are discussing an hour long programme on the impact of being a carer has across society.

29th Feb 2012

I spoke at Carrgomm Forum in Cardonald.  This was an important moment for me as this is the place where I gave my first talk on my campaign.  This was the result of me knocking on their door one day as their office is in the community where I live.  This has resulted in great friendships, great support and epitomises the belief I have in my campaign and the importance of getting out and speaking from my heart to the people of Glasgow and the broader communities.   Irene who works for Carrgomm has become a friend who has her own personal experience and has shared this in a letter to me.  She accompanied me to Parliament in November when I handed the first letters to you.

30th Feb 2012

I had a second meeting with Daniel Connelly, NHS Community Engagement Manager, Glasgow NHS to discuss the up and coming presentation to the heads of department.

1st March 2012

I was invited to speak to 50 social care students and 30 social media students at the Glasgow City College.  This has resulted in students following my journey through Facebook and asking how they can help and get involved but more importantly for me, 3 parents contacted me to tell me how I had inspired their children in their learning and future work within the care sector.  I am so proud of this.  Please see the reaction from their lecturers below.
3rd March 2012

Today I spoke at St Margaret’s Hospice to 80 palliative care practitioners.  This has resulted in great feedback and invitations to more talks including an event for 45 district nurses which has been set up specifically for me to talk about caring for my Mum with Dementia.  Christine Hamill, Head of District nurses has organised this for May 2nd based on the talk I gave today.

5th March 2012

This was my second meeting with the Care Inspectorate who are using my letters as part of their training.  They have anonymised these letters and they will be used to give a better understanding of the lives of carers.  This is exactly what my vision was when I began this campaign.  David Cummings and I will host a meeting for carers to have an open discussion on what it means to be a carer for a loved one.

6th March 2012

Council Maureen Child contacted me to congratulate me on my Motion at Glasgow City Council and on my wider campaign.  We met at Edinburgh City Council in early February and my motion was passed on 6th March.

Councillor Child had submitted the following motion in terms of Standing Order 28:

“Committee recognises the inspirational efforts of Tommy Whitelaw in raising awareness of the issues effecting the carers and families of people suffering from Dementia through his “Tommy on Tour” campaign, supported by Alzheimer’s Scotland.

Committee therefore agrees to set-up a Cross Party Working Group to engage with carers and to ensure that the services provided to carers are appropriate to the needs of the carers and those suffering from Dementia.”

1)    To recognise the inspirational efforts of Tommy Whitelaw in raising awareness of the issues affecting the carers and families of people suffering from dementia through his “Tommy on Tour” campaign,

2)    To ask the Director of Health and Social Care to report back on the issues of dementia to the next meeting of the Committee.

We will revisit this after the local elections in May as with Glasgow.

March 9th 2012.

I was invited to Carers Link in Milngavie   this being my third visit to them including their AGM.  I met with carers and people working within the local community and this resulted in me receiving more letters.  Alex from this group was also at Parliament in November to support me.

March 10th 2012

On this day I attended the SNP conference.  This was the first political conference I had attended and I enjoyed the experience and I would like to extend my gratitude to the Deputy First Minister for taking the time on such an important day in her diary to invite a son, carer and awareness campaigner for a half hour coffee and an open and honest discussion about the life I and many others live as carers and about my hopes for the future.

March 13th 2012

On this day I gave a presentation to the Acute Operating Division’s Patient Focus and Public involvement steering group.  The audience was 18 heads of departments within the NHS.  This has resulted in my film being available on NHS websites under “A Carers Experience.” and there is a planned tour of talks within the departments who were represented.  This will be known as “Tommy’s Journey – A Carers Experience.”  I could not have wished for more than to be given the chance to speak as a son and carer about my life and the lives of the people who contact me on a daily basis to people who are in a position to make a difference.

March 15th 2012

Today I returned to Glasgow North East Carers to meet with family carers who attend this group and to update them on the progress of my campaign.  2 people from this group came to Parliament with me in November.

March 27th 2012

Dementia through Art.  I put a message on my blog looking for Art students to help me raise awareness of Dementia by representing the words in the letters through the medium of Art.   The response to this was amazing and resulted in me meeting with Art students from Glasgow School of Art who are keen and passionate about this project – if they can find funding.  I believe an exhibition of art and the awareness and information this could bring would generate a great joint working project for organisations who support people with dementia and/or their carers.  My vision is that providers would come along to this day and give information to people who are looking for support to try to reach the wider public and bring more understanding.

March 30th 2012

Follow up meeting with Daniel Connelly, NHS community engagement team for further exploration into how we can work together.

4th April 2012

Baillieston Carers invited me back to their group to update them on the progress of my campaign.  Again this was attended by members of the local community and David who runs the group and Amanda who works there but also sent a letter accompanied me to Parliament in November.

5th April 2012

I was a Guest speaker at Renfrew Carers Support group.  This was attended by Carers, people from the local community and Brian Lawson, SNP leader of Renfrewshire Council who came to the meeting to spend an hour speaking with me and joined in with the group discussions – something I would like to see more of.  He met people who were facing struggles and I commend him for arranging to look at some individual families who are desperately in need of urgent help.

10th April 2012

I was a guest on good morning Scotland BBC radio and interviewed for BBC
Reporting Scotland to comment on the dementia champions announced by the government

13th April 2012

Glasgow City College had the first meeting with students and lecturers who I had addressed earlier in the month to work on the up and coming project – Dementia and Care through the eyes of social care students.  I will attend their classes twice a month to advice them on the life of a carer and to share some information I have gathered during my campaign.  When finalised, I would like to give this project to you, without prejudice, as I find this idea motivating and a hopeful step for the future.  I believe that these students will benefit from the real life experiences and if this project is a success I would like this to be a template for such educational experiences throughout Scotland.

April 19th 2012

I was invited to st Andrews house in Edinburgh by David berry who works on the dementia strategy, we had a meeting to discuss my campaign and how we can move things forward and keep dementia awareness a priority in my life and to a wider public

APRIL 24TH 2012
Daily record article updating on my campaign

April 25th
I was a guest speaker at the care road show concert hall Glasgow

April 26th 2012

Article in the sun

April 27th
Attending Glasgow City College dementia awareness event based on my campaign ,along with discussing future projects

2nd May 2012

I was guest speaker to 45 District Nurses at Eastbank Health Promotion Centre.

CITY WIDE PALLIATIVE RESOURCES NURSES - "Dementia:  Put Yourself In Their Shoes” Wednesday 2 May 2012

May 8th
Filmed for Scotland tonight

9th May 2012

Morning I was guest speaker at the LTCA launch of their new Carers Involvement group. 

9TH May
Afternoon meeting with Deputy First Minister

Met with DFM and civil servants from St Andrews house

May 10th

3 minute video blog and story about caring and campaign up on Stv local web site

May 10th
Filmed interview for Scotland tonight

May 11th

Met with social works Glasgow Stephen Fitzpatrick and Ann Cummings
Discussed future talk to staff and students

May 15th
Guest on Scotland tonight

May 18th

Jeanette and kens Story featured on news all across UK
Jeanette sent me a letter we met and I set up coverage


Meeting with councillor Kerr and Stephen Fitzpatrick head of adult services to start work on motion I had passed in February should be July Ann Cummings from social work Glasgow will lead this group 


Speaking to NHS Glasgow board member via peter Daniels non exec vice chairman to


Meeting with Susan SNP councillor for langside
Susan is the social care spokesperson for SNP Glasgow city council

June 5th
Guest speaker to staff and families prince and princess of Wales’s hospice

June 8th

Attending carers engagement meeting set up by SW NHS Glasgow

Then meeting with Simon hodgeson director carer Scotland

June 15th

Meeting at Garnavel hospital to discuss dementia through Art permanent exhibition at hospital older people wards corridors
With tom MacKay and Jill Carson with tom MacKay

June 18th

Tommyontour 3 minute video diary on Stv local

June 19th
 Speaking at memory cafĂ© via north Ayrshire council
Bridgend Community Center, Stoneyholm Road, Kilbirnie KA25 7DJ.

June 20th

Meeting con Gillespie at home to discuss talks with NHS
Now working on future talks

June 20th

Tommy on tour film and story now on Ayrshire council website

June 21st

Speaking at PRTFC South Ayrshire carers

June 26th

Tommyontour care inspectorate meets the carers’ event

July 8th

Report on my campaign published by social work Glasgow

July 9th

Meeting dementia strategy group

Glasgow North West sector board room Garnavel hospital

July 13th

Meeting mental health team from St Andrews house

To update on campaign and discuss future work

July 16th

Attending Glasgow south west carers talk with councillor Kerr

July 17th
Attending Glasgow south west
July 20th

Meeting social work Glasgow leads and councillor Kerr
Speaking at social work Glasgow managers meeting


Meeting team from Stirling University
 (via professor June Andrews)
To discuss ways of doing projects together


Gave presentation to dementia strategy team at Garnavel hospital NHS gg&C


SPOKE AT Ailsa day hospital in Ayr

August 22nd
Deputy first minister visits my mum at home
August 24th
Met with dementia consultants
Con Gillespie Sandra shields NHS gg&c 
Augusts 27th
Attended launch of BletherBox dementia on-line forum in Perth
August 28th
Met with Cllr Kerr at city chambers to discuss my motion and engagement
August 30th
Meeting with Sw Glasgow adult services lead at home   
 August 31st
   Guest speaker social work Glasgow service mangers meeting
Social care ideas factory launch of Trade School Glasgow

September attended launch of carers champion GCC
September 6th
Attending Glasgow north east carers to speak to group
September 7th
Meeting and speaking Glasgow south west carers parents group
September 12th speaking at Reid Kerr College to health and social care students

September 13th
Meeting and speaking at Lockerbie carers group
September 17th meeting Jackie ballie shadow health secretary
September 18th
Meeting and speaking at Bailleston community care ,carers group
September 20th gg&c Gartanvel hospital speaking to nurse
Wednesday 26th September 2012
Speaking to NHS staff Via NHS gg&c
place at the Lecture Theatre in the Royal Alexandra Hospital.
Speaking to 100 Doctors /nurses
October 3rd 
Speaking at Springburn residential care
October 5th
Speaking at NHS gg&c Event beardmore hotel to around
 150 doctors and nurses
October 8th   
     Kirkintilloch Baptist Church (East Dunbartonshire council)

October 9th meeting at Caledonian university morning then LTCAS and civil servants in the afternoon

 October 12th
         Bearsden Baptist Church (east Dunbartonshire council)
 October 18th      Meeting and speaking with carers, carerslink Milgavie
October 19/20/21st    Tommyontour stand at SNP Conference
Octoberr22nd     Meeting dementia working group Glasgow city council (based on my motion)
October 24th        meeting lecturer’s Caledonian university to discuss planned paper on life stories collected (morning)
October 24th        meeting and speaking with carers, Dixon carers group (evening)
October 25th         meeting and speaking with carers, Pollok Carers (my local carer centre)
October 26th      meeting and speaking with carers Inverclyde carer centre
October 29th        recording interview about caring for my mum for public broadcast
October 31st   meeting with PRTFC then Caledonian university reminiscence project meeting then east Renfrew carers (Lisa)
November 1st Meeting and speaking with carers Glasgow North East
November 4th comment on STV NEWS AT 6:30PM
November 5th meeting Irene Oldfather at alliance
November 6th    meeting Con Gillespie NHS gg&c dementia Nursing
November 7th    public broadcast of interview about caring for my mum and the life stories BBC radio Scotland 2pm
November 8th   attending rose’s media awards London Tommyontour on
Shortlist for award
November 9th attending rehearsals memories FC Hampden

November 21st meeting re dementia carer voices (Irene)

November 22nd Speaking to NHS gg&c charge Nurses Gartanvel 

November 23rd meeting peter Daniels non exec chair NHS gg&C and attending Carer Link AGM (made honorary member)

November 27th   meeting dementia working group at city chambers re my

November 27th meeting shadow health secretary at parliament Jackie Bailie

November 28th meeting and speaking with carers Arbroath carer centre Angus

November 29th memories FC Hapmden day 1 speaking at launch

November 30th memories FC Hapmden day 2 then speaking at joint event east Renfrewshire carers and councillors then back to memories FC 

December 3rd attending Dementia Dialogue event Bellshill (a discussion on Scotland’s dementia strategy)

December 7th meeting re dementia carer voices (Irene)

December 10th attending festival of age launches UWS campus Hamilton

December 11th meeting at Caledonian University to discuss projects 

December 15th speaking North Ayrshire dementia support services   

December 18th meeting art project Gartnavel

January 4rd meeting Glasgow carer champion Dr Christopher Mason at Alliance

January 7th article on campaign STV local

January 9th meeting with Samantha flowers re Art project then with Cllr Kerr re Carer engagement

January 10th attending Dementia Dialogue event Paisley (a discussion on Scotland’s dementia strategy)

January 15th meeting with Emma PRTFC
January 16th meeting Prof Debbie Tolson UWS
January 17th AM speaking at RAD directorate Victoria infirmary to ass charge nurses then through to parliament to meet CAB sec for health Alex Neil 1pm also meeting later with Jackson Carlaw (Con) 2:30pm   Jim Hume (Lib Dem) 2pm Jackie Baillie 4pm

January 21st am Meeting Linda Pollok carers

January 2nd pm meeting Daniel NHS community engagement team

January 22nd meeting Jim Pearson Alzheimer Scotland

January 24th   attending GNEC meeting

January 30th meeting re carer engagement film city Chambers  with NHS GG*C CHP

January 31st meeting art in the Gart   

February 2nd speaking at healthcare conference Biggar via Jim Hume Lib –dem Healthcare spokesperson

February 3RD time TBC interview with Sally Magnuson BBC radio Scotland re- Aired

February 5th meeting Baillieston community carer

February 6th    meeting carers Alzheimer Scotland south Ayrshire carer group

February 11th meeting Gail Glasgow south west carers 

February 15th speaking Caledonian university 3rd year mental health students

February 15th TTBC meeting carer engagement film

February 18th meeting CAB (Morning)

February 18th meeting Cardonald College re talks

February 19th speaking South Ayrshire carer’s dementia awareness day

February 20th       speaking 1st year mental health nursing student’s Caledonian university

February 21st 
   attending Carers link Milngavie

February 21st Meeting new carer engagement film ITS OK TO ASK

February 22nd dementia working group Glasgow city council 2nd meeting as per my motion passed 

February 26th stand murryfield via Prof June Andrews

February 26th meeting Prof Debbie Tolson re book

March 2nd attending dementia dialogue event

March 4th meeting care inspectorate

March 5th speaking Cardonald College

March 5th speaking Sothern general hospital

March 7th     attending steering group Art in the Gart

March 8th       conference at City Chambers NHS  GG*C  caring for older people

March 11th speaking Cardonald College

March 12th speaking Caledonian University

March 13th attending Human rights conference GCU

March 14th    speaking at Lockerbie carer’s dementia group

March 15th   speaking Ayr College mental health students

March 2oth     members debate Scottish Parliament dementia carer voices 

March21st attending with stand SDRCN Conference Stirling

March 22nd speaking at SDRCN Conference Stirling also having stand

March 26th   filming “its OK to ask”

March 27th   filming “it’s OK to ask 

March 28th speaking Reid Kerr College 

April 1st re –airing BBC interview with sally Magnusson

March / April          Filming “its ok to ask “ a new carer engagement film with NHSgg&c –CHP

March 3rd                    Attending GCU healthcare event

April 3rd                           Filming interview NHSgg&c Community Engagement team -a case study caring for mum

April 4th                       Attending Speaking at event N/Ayrshire Dementia  support services

April 9th 16th 23rd 30th      speaking to staff Southern General Hospital

April 10th                      meeting mental Health civil servants office  

April 12th                     meeting David Roxburgh Ayr

April 19th   morning        Speaking Alzheimer Show London

April 19th afternoon      Speaking Camden town hall dementia awareness event via Mayor Camden

April   20th                       speaking at labour party conference Via Jackie Baillie 

April 22nd                       meeting Con Gillespie office NHS head nursing

April 24th                           life changes trust launch

May 1st                           Alliance Conference Perth hosting Dementia Carer Voices workshop

May 2nd                             Speaking attending carers strategy event N/ Ayrshire council

May 3rd                             final filming “its ok to ask “  NHSGG&C

May 7th                           speaking Reid Kerr College morning

May 7th                           Meeting Julie Christie afternoon   

June 13th                            Speaking Aberdeenshire carers

 On-Going Projects 

Academic/ educational  paper /              with a leading university on the life stories

Carer engagement film                  working title (its ok to ask)  

Glasgow city council dementia working group based on my motion passed last February

I have many talks lined up across the NHS and universities based on caring for my mum and the life stories
You can help make all of the above all they can be by sharing you’re story, thoughts, opinions or experiences good or bad at tommy@i-woz-there.com

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