Monday, 29 April 2013

Today attending Alliance Annual Conference -Dementia Carer Voices Workshop

Dementia Carer Voices - Supporting Rights and the Carer Voice

Caring for someone with dementia can be a rewarding, yet difficult and different experience due to its unique emotional impact, and the range of complex practical issues with which carers are faced, and expected to understand.
Workshop participants will learn about the work of the ALLIANCE’s Dementia Carer Voices project in capturing carers’ views and experiences to raise awareness of the impact of dementia on families and inform future policy and service provision .This interactive session will also explore the journey of dementia carers and the importance of their role as equal partners in providing person-centred care. Carers will have the opportunity to discuss what caring means to them, how it impacts on their lives, and how they can be supported and empowered to carry out this role.
Chaired by Irene Oldfather, Dementia Carer Voices Programme Director
Speaker, Tommy Whitelaw, Dementia Carer Voices Project Officer

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