Thursday, 25 April 2013

Thank you Scottish health council for mentioning my blog in their e participation report (rise of the e patient )

 A big thank you to the Scottish  health  council for mentioning my blog about caring for my mum Joan in their e participation report just published

You can view the full report at the link bottom of the page


 The rise of the e-patient
Use of the internet for finding health information, peer support and also
blogging about health conditions has given rise to the term e-patients (as well
as e-carers). This term is used to describe patients (and carers) who use web
tools to help manage their health conditions. These patients take a very active
part in their healthcare which has also led to a ‘participatory medicine’ model
of healthcare, described by the Society for Participatory Medicine24 as:
“… a model of cooperative health care that seeks to achieve active
involvement by patients, professionals, caregivers, and others across the
continuum of care on all issues related to an individual's health.”
Examples of such e-patients and e-carers include Michael Seres who was
opening speaker at the Scottish Health Council’s social media event in
February 2013. After coping with Crohn's Disease and then intestinal failure
Michael became the 11th person to undergo a small bowel transplant at the
Churchill Hospital in Oxford and blogs and tweets about his journey as a
bowel transplant patient25. Tommy Whitelaw also blogs and tweets about his
experience as a carer for his mother who had dementia. His blog post
‘Tommy on Tour’26 raises awareness of dementia with a wide range of carers,
dementia patients and healthcare professionals.

full report 

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