Saturday, 7 September 2013

Approaching anniversary mum passing away


September 22nd will be a year since my mum passed away ,and I miss her with all my heart 
I was a luck boy you know ,both my parents where the best of parents  best of guidance and best offriends 

Caring for mum for 5 years wad the toughest experience of my life ,it felt to hard to often ,the lack  of understanding within and towards us so often held us back 

Even the description sounds wrong "caring for mum " I don't quite agree ,mum even with all she was facing and facing much more than me ,always cared for me always made it better with a knowing smile or a squeeze of my hand as if to say you are ok ,we are ok 

And I miss that smile that squeeze of the hand today.thats what parents do they make it better for their. Children no matter what they face no  matter how young or old they are 

Loneliness and isolation was allowed to and played such a big part over the last 5 years ,but this was just a rehearsal for how lonely this house feels now with mum no longer here 

I miss my mum ,I miss her smile ,love ,kindness ,care and smile and wish wish she was here today to squeeze my hand and make it all better with her magical smile and love filled eyes


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  1. Hi Tommy, I feel for you at this time as many of us don't appreciate our parents until they are no longer with us. I lost my own mum in 2003 just after I was diagnosed, and I still talk to her, these days even though she is not there. We are now living in the family home, and I expect het to walk into the room regularly. I read this blog quite often and its people like you who inspire others to do something to raise awareness of this illness. I wish I lived in Scotland where my heart lies, but that's not possible now.

    Keep up the good work



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