Saturday, 28 September 2013


Has been just over a year since my mum passed away ,mum was not only  my mum ,she was my best pal 
Before dementia ,before caring my life had been years of traveling with work and a home life was alien to me and As was I suppose in Many ways a structured life , routines and friendships

I always  felt uncomfortable when not on tour ,that was all to change with the seclusion , isolation ,loneliness and house that almost became a prison to mum and I 

We got thorough the best we could although sometimes it never felt that way and don't quite know how we did 

And we ever so lonely .I though life could never get more lonely but it has I miss my wee mum and there is a loneliness and sadness  in this house this heart that I can't get away from 

Mum no matter what she faced or we faced always made it better ,dementia had no way of stopping her ability to care so much for others 

I wish she was here tonight to make it better one more time 


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