Sunday, 1 September 2013

September 22nd a year since mum passed away - the lonliness inside

We are now in to September and the 22bd willbe a year since my kind caring mum passed away .I started writing over the weekend  about mums life , mums kindness ,mums magnificence and mums 6 year journey with dementia

I have to stay I am struggling I have updated this blog nearly every day for nearly 2 year now and I hope some of makes sense to some people who may had read or stumbled upon it .Writitng has never been my strength .I hope I can finish the post about mum this month. But it just feels to hard,I just miss with all my heart and every time I try to write this look back at mums life bloody dementia gets in the way

I am so lonely without mum her kindness guidance and care and the lonliness we felt so often over the last six years was just a rehearsal for how lonley this house and my life is sitting here today

I was never truly lonley caring for mum not with that smile ,kindness and love by my side


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  1. I lost my Dad on 22 September 2010. Not a day goes past that I don't miss him. I was lucky - despite my Dad having Parkinson's most of the time he was "with it" but the days when he wasn't gave me but the smallest glimmer of what it must have been for you - relentless - day in and day out. My heart goes out to you Tommy.

    Writing is a strength of yours - because it comes from your heart.

    Will be thinking of you this month.


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