Sunday, 1 September 2013

A Dementia centre for excellence, that’s my dream

   A Dementia centre for excellence, that’s my dream

Looking back what I would like to see or have that was not available to us and its simple A Dementia centre for excellence.  A place for families to go together, when possible that has kindness, understanding, guidance, advice and listening at its core.
A place not involved in supplying services or fundraising but a place to visit or people who will visit at home to give the best of advice to guide you to the best services and help available in the area you live.

The centre should be run by people who understand Dementia and the journey ahead, with an understanding ear who will help put the pieces of the jigsaw together.
The People should work across and with all organisations to guide and promote good practice who shouts from the rooftops how and where to get the best possible help and advice in your community no matter whom that may be, not just because they are there.

A place where families and professionals can work together, discuss and learn, walking out the door with more hope and knowledge than when arrived.  A place you can call and be guided, helping and meeting people, where advice is given independently across the board.  A bringing together of people in the interests of others, that will highlight the best help available, that can help you live, love and cherish.  I have met so many people doing great things from many organisations I would love to get them all under the one roof.

A dementia centre for excellence might have changed so much for us it’s just a dream, but dreams sometimes come true.  A place inspired by people, to inspire people and a place built by communities to celebrate the greatness of people and share the great work people in our communities do. 

If we start with a centre for excellence we end up with a country of excellence



  1. I just had a brief glimpse of this, Tommy. I imagined the centre you are describing.... I could hear the happy music coming from the Health Living Club (in Lambeth). I could see this happening in MY community. I could feel how it would have helped my parents-in-law, and us, and all other families affected by dementia. And I thought 'Wow!'.

    And then the fleeting vision was gone. Will it return Tommy and will it become a reality?

  2. Tommy, I encourage you to check out Abe's Garden's Alzheimer's Community ( if you haven't yet. They're doing what you've described above.


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