Thursday, 29 August 2013

Not the best of days !


Well it's been a pretty rubbish day all in all woke up this morning to find someone had been in my house whilst I was  sleeping

My wee  bag with all my awareness material  that goes everywhere with me has been stolen
I can replace the bag ,paperwork ,disks and memory sticks  but not the letter my wee mum left on my pillow a couple years back

My mum at the time could no longer remember my name and much more .One morning while I was down getting lunch ready she left a biscuit. , A packet of crisps and a  wee scrap of paper on my pillow saying " I love you thank you for looking after me " and I carried it every where with me  in my wee bag

This was the last thing mum ever wrote down and I am so sad to have it taken away and to be taken by someone who has so little respect for the lives feelings and property of others

They have no right  to take or read such a special and private memory

Anyway I had a meeting in town this afternoon about a new talk and did not want to let the person down I had arranged to meet unfortunately they never turned up

So not been a great day and now  back home feeling angry ,sad and uncomfortable that someone has been in our house ,our home ,our lives

But you know I might just bump in to someone walking down the road one day with my bag over their shoulder ,I just might

That would quite a blog post to write


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