Saturday, 10 August 2013

A broken heart but not my spirit this day last year the realty hit me hard


A year ago today was the day the realty of how ill  my mum was hit me hard . My birthday is on the 12th and last year was spent like many of the years  before in sadness and I have to say tears

Last year my mum was in hospital having  been rushed in after having a seizure on this day August 10th

I knew my mum was very ill before ,it seemed to be only me that knew this even after mum was rushed in the frustration of answers to how Ill mum was frustrated me much

But I knew in my heart ,I knew from mums eyes she was tired she had enough 

I feel selfish looking back, I feel  mum was hanging on for me as she knew I needed her , you know people say I cared for mum the other side of the story is how she cared foe me 

I rember siting alone this day last last year crying my self to sleep ,feeling helpless lost and numb
And bringing mum home a week later knowing that time was our enemy 

I rember once home I was fixing the cable that moved mums bed and rested my head on her lap in tears and she rubbed the back of my head to comfort me and with her eyes said you will be ok son but enough is enough  

My magnificent mum passed away just over a month later and my heart was broken beyond repair 
 I miss her with all my heart and wish she was here to today to make it better like she always could 

Dementia broke my heart but it never broke mums spirit ,and won't break mine 

The campaign in mums name goes on 


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