Saturday, 10 August 2013

This loneliness in my heart that won't go away

The loneliness in my heart that won't go away 


The last few weeks / months have been really busy and for that I am truly grateful ,grateful for the opportunities to raise awareness and  the amazing incredible people I have met on my travels 

When caring for my mum we where desperately lonely and I like many other people thought mum was the only person facing dementia and I was the only Carer .how untrue I found that to be when I stepped out to start my awareness campaign 

This heartbreak that was my mums journey with dementia has also brought me in contact with the kindest of people many living with or caring for a loved one and so many others  giving their best across the care and voluntary sector .So many remarkable people 

That's the thing about my mum she has always made sure her family came first ,this seems like another case of mum against all odd making sure I would in may ways be ok ,

But there is no hiding from the loneliness that is my heart each night when I come home.Dementia with all is power and effort changed so much and certainly the dynamics of a mother and sons relationship 

Amongst the struggles and the joy it had no power over the friendship we had many times it was tested and each time it was near to success my mum got us through and my mum who was always my friend truly became my best friend and cared for me to the end more than I could ever care for her 

Life will never be same without the kindest person I have ever known and this lowliness in my Heart for my wee mum who I miss  every day will never go away 


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