Sunday, 11 August 2013

Feeding in to the Promoting Excellence Dementia Programme Board andpromoting key messages


On Thursday I had the privilege to give a presentation on my original campaign  tommy on tour and now my now Dementia Carer Voices Project to the  NHS Education Scotland Promoting Excellence Dementia Programme Board

The board is chaired by Henry Simmons CEO Alzheimer Scotland and made up from professions and health and social care leads across Scotland 

I feel great pride and feel this is a great opportunity to both take the information I receive from my outreach to the board along with sharing key messages and information  on my talks ,outreach ,blog and all awareness opportunities 

I now have a named board member to start working with on all of the above and more 


Thank you so much for attending the Promoting Excellence Dementia Programme Board yesterday and sharing your experiences and work.
As discussed at the Board given the extensive reach of your work there is a great opportunity to continue to raise awareness of the educational resources available to help to continue to drive improvements in the care and treatment for people with dementia and families and carers. 
 ~~~~(copied) from our team would be happy to be your key link person and work with you around this 

Info on programme board 
With great thanks to Susanne forest and fellow board members for allowing me to do a presentation to  NES/SSSC Dementia Programme Board ON august 8th on my awareness work and the Dementia Carer Voices project
NHS Education Scotland Alzheimer Scotland  and scottish social services council and fellow board members  do great work on promoting excellence and I look forward to speaking about caring for my mum ,the letters I receive ,people I meet along with updating on the projects I am currently working on and future hopes and dreams   
Thank you Susanne and fellow board members for this opportunity

You can get more details on the work they do at the link below

     NHS education 

Scottish social services council

Alzheimer Scoland 

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