Friday, 9 August 2013

Great meeting with director of nursing NHSgg&c Rosslyn Crocket project agreed for exhibition and concert


On Friday I had a great meeting with director of nursing Rosslyn Crocket NHSgg&c .We discussed my talks to date along with future opportunities 

I am also proud to say Rosslyn has agreed to put a steering group together within nhsgg&c to help find inspiring nurses to invite to our celebration of caring exhibition and concert along with putting together a project and exhibition stand to display at the pre concert reception 

I look forward to final project outcome along with meeting and sharing the stories ,the people at our event 

Thank you rosslyn and  nhsgg&c for the kindness ,support ,involvement and encouragement 


For information on my "letters life and love stories " celebration of caring ,concert and exhibition please see link below 


Looking forward too and With great thanks to Rosslyn Crocket director of nursing NHSgg&c  for taking time to meet with me this Tomorrow

I have met Rosslyn a few times before at NHS events, I have both attended and been privileged to be one of the guest speakers

Looking forward to meeting and discussing talks to date and some ideas for the future along with updating in more detail my dementia carer voices project

Also hoping NHSgg&c will get involved. In my " letters life and love stories " exhibition andConcert
As part of my search to find and tell the story of caring in Scotland

NHSgg&c are really involving Carers  like I was in future development ,discussions and events and I find this quite inspiring ,I have been working closely with Con GIllespie doing talks across many NHSgg&c . hospitals and have met some incredible devoted and kind people  along the way

I hope with Rosslyns support to invite some of those people and  their  stories to the concert and exhibition as part of my celebration of caring in Scotland


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