Monday, 12 August 2013

A wee itinerary of thanks Thank you for the opportunist so far this year to raise awareness

Lately, I have been a guest speaker at the following events thank you for the opportunities  to raise awareness 


Events 2013 guest speaker

17.01 Victoria Infirmary
05.03 Southern General Hospital
09.04 Southern General Hospital
16.04 Southern General Hospital
23.04 Southern General Hospital
30.04 Southern General Hospital
11.06 Glasgow Victoria Infirmary
02.07 Vale of Leven hospital
03.07 London royal free hospital 
09.07 Vale of Leven hospital 
01.09 Glasgow Royal Infirmary
27.08 Glasgow Royal Infirmary
03.09 Glasgow royal Infirmary
12.09 Glasgow Royal Infirmary


22.03 SDCRN Annual Conference
19.04 Alzheimer Show London
19.04 Camden Council DA Event
21.04 Improving links in Primary Care Meeting
01.05 ALLIANCE Annual Conference
30.05 Person Centred H&C Conference
21.06 RCN Scotland Board
21.06 NHS GGC Releasing Time to Care Event
04.07 health education east of England 
8.08 NHS Education Board presentation
10.09 Care Inspectorate Conference Older people
11.09 Care Inspectorate Conference Older people
16.02 Glasgow Caledonian University
19.02 Glasgow Caledonian University
12.03 Glasgow Caledonian University
04.06 Dundee University
5.08   Dundee University Fife campus
8.08   Dundee University 

05.03 Cardonald College
11.03 Cardonald College
15.03 Ayr College
28.03 Reid Kerr College
07.05 Reid Kerr College

Outreach - involvement 
14 .02 who cares for the carers BBC radio Scotland documentary on tommy
19.02 South Ayrshire Carers Dementia Awareness Day
26.02 ‘Making Life Easier’ Event Murrayfield
14.03 Lockerbie Carers Dementia Group
22.03 SDCRN Annual Conference
19.04 Alzheimer Show London
19.04 Camden Council Dementia Awareness Event
01.05 ALLIANCE Annual Conference
02.05 North Ayrshire Council Carer’s Strategy Event
09.06 BBC Radio Scotland Sunday Show Interview for Carer’s week
18.06 Presentation to Sainsbury’s staff Prestwick
20.06 ALLIANCE Involvement Networking Event
8.08 South Ayrshire Carers

 20.03 members debate Scottish Parliament.

           Stand at Snp conference Perth
02.02 Scottish Liberal Democrat Health Conference
20.04 Scottish Labour Party Conference
02.05 North Ayrshire Council Carers’ Strategy Event

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