Monday, 5 March 2012

Alzheimer Scotland, Sadness and Thanks

Firstly I would like to thank Alzheimer Scotland for their support over some of this campaign
Without their help as a carer I would not been able to afford to travel to a lot of the groups and people i have met,
And they have helped with extra cover for my mum
This campaign started and is still run from my bedroom ,I feel the whole idea of this campaign is to give carers and families like mine a voice and feel that voice would have been Alzheimer’s Scotland’s and not the amazing carers and families like mine that I have met on this tour ,
Lately I have felt I have been compromising my views and the thousands of carer’s views who I meet and who support me
So I have made the difficult decision to refuse the carers ambassadors role offered as I did with the chair of the action group they have
I have dome this to keep my identity as a son and carer
This comes at a cost as Alzheimer Scotland will no longer support me financially (basic travel costs) or provide the extra cover I sometimes need for my mum as I raise awareness
Ultimately I have to be true to myself and the amazing carers and carer groups I try to represent
So I will continue my campaign and will have to reschedule some awareness talks as to when I can afford to or have cover for my mum
This is also distressing for my mum as I will have to find new carers to help support us
Ultimately I would rather stop campaigning than have my vioce and views distorted to suit others

Thank you all for the amazing support and Tommyontour will be at group near you soon
And thank you Alzheimer Scotland for the help you gave


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