Saturday, 24 March 2012

Carr Gomm, Back to Where it All Began,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

I will be speaking at the Carr Gomm Forum this Thursday,this was the first group involved in caring that I had contact with and the first place I ever got the chance to talk about my campaign and speak. at an organised event
Last year when I started this campaign I printed my own T-shirts , posters along with producing key rings to raise awareness. The shops at the top of my street really got behind and I am so thankful for that .Anyway Carr Gomm have an office at the top of my street amongst the shops, I walked in one day to ask if I could hang up a wee poster. This has produced a great friendship the staff are amazingly helpful and encouraging and invited me to speak at their forum last year to promote my awareness campaign.More than that Irene Edgar has become a good friend and supporter and over the last year has sent me a letter, accompanied me to Parliament appeared in my film and amazingly her son composed the music for the film On a personal note its great to know  Irene’s door is always opened to help if I need advice on caring for my mum or a friend to chat with ,I don’t use this offer as much as  I could ,but just knowing I can is a great help. An amazing friendship all because of asking to hang a poster up one day .so it’s a true privilege to be asked to speak again at this years forum to update on the progress since my first very nervous and very short talk a year ago
This whole campaign was built on the amazing help and community spirit from shops I go into on a daily basis they wore my shirts hung up my posters put articles from newspapers in the windows and I truly found the confidence to reach out further and was inspired by the people who run the shops and offices in my local area

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