Sunday, 11 March 2012

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Good Morning
As a son, carer, and would be awareness campaigner, I have spent the last months asking people to share their experiences, living with and caring for a loved one with dementia
And I am sure many will ask can a letter or e mail change a life or raise awareness and understanding
Before I came  home to visit my mum a few years ago after traveling around the world with my job, a visit  home that shocked and changed our lives I was just getting over the break up from  my then long term girlfriend .we both traveled with our jobs and for a long time my then girlfriend kept telling me things had to change and every time she told me or tried to tell me ,I always seemed to talk my way out  of changing ,I always seemed to say when I get home in a few months we will talk about it and things will be ok .
The more she shouted , tried to talk to me or asked for me to listen and understand  the less I heard
Then one day I was going away for 4 months and when I arrived at my destination I opened my suitcase to find a letter, on reading that letter I understood everything my girlfriend had been trying to tell me, I understood why we had to part and I understood why I had to change and I understood as much as we loved each other we had to go our separate ways.
My heart was broken but she was right ,
So a letter changed my life, and I believe our letters and life stories can at the very least bring more understanding on how we feel and live
So I will answer the question can our letters and life stories change lives, I believe they can


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