Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Inspiration amongst the Heartbreak……………………….

I feel privileged, as a son, carer and awareness campaigner that so many people send me letters and e mails on a daily basis
In those letters there are issue, fears, heartbreak and complaints, but to me they are love stories many tinged by tragedy; we as a society can change the stories .we can change the issues that families face. At this time we can’t change the ending completely as there is no cure, but we can change so many other parts of the story
We can be more understanding we can supply better care, we can help keep peoples life more of a love story and less of a tragedy if we put certain things in place to help them
The letters and e mails highlight problems and issues, but to me they are love stories, that’s we care, we care because we love,
i get many letters and e mails from people much younger than I facing the journey dementia brings
I met a brave young man two days ago who wanted to chat to me about his mum he is only 27 and today I am meeting another young lady of 23 who has asked to meet me to talk about her mum
So I will go back to the heading on the top of this page, they INSPIRE me to keep going, and I share the HEARTBREAK they face

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