Sunday, 4 March 2012

Tommyontour Itinerary Feb/March,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Tommyontour Itinerary Feb/March

Feb 16th speaking at city chambers (got motion approved for cross party dementia and carers group gcc)

Feb 17th meeting with social works and adult services

Feb 20THmeeting with east Renfrewshire carers

Feb 20th meeting with age concern dementia centre

Feb 27th NHS community engagement team (discussing involvement in community engagement)

Feb 28th NHS meeting with non ex Vice chair and board members (Discussing awareness and involvement in projects )

Feb 28th guest on Kaye Adams show

Feb 29th meeting with Linda Pollok carers at home

Feb 28th 1st meeting carers @ east Renfrewshire carers (morning)

March 1st speaking at Glasgow City College social care students (mid day)

March 2nd meeting with PRTC west carers centre Dementia group

March 3rd Meeting National Demetia Action Group
March 5th meeting with care inspectorate (discuss files handed over in January)

March 7th Meeting with Jim Pearson and David berry

March 8th Speaking to 80 palliative care practitioners at hospice

March 9th Carer’s link meeting and taking at blether group

March 10th Attended SNP conference to meet deputy first minister
March 13th speaking at Acute Operating Division’s Patient Focus & Public Involvement steering Group

March 15th Glasgow north east carers meet and talk with group

March 22ND Meeting carers age concern dementia centre and east Renfrew shire carers joint coffe morning

March 28th South Ayrshire Carers Centre Group meeting and talking with group

March 29th speaking at Carr Gomm forum

April 5th Renfrewshire Carers Alzheimer's Support Group

April 13th PRT West Glasgow Carers Centre Dementia Carer Support Group

May 2nd  speaking to district nurses Eastbank Health Promotion Centre

May 9th meeting with Deputy First Minister at Parliament

June 18th speaking at Alzheimer Scotland conference


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