Thursday, 1 March 2012

Glasgow City College Staff and Students, Thank You

I had the privilege today at Glasgow City College of speaking to staff social care and media students,
I want  say thank you to all ,for allowing me speak about caring for my mum, the campaign, the letters and the people I have met on this awareness tour ,
It was an amazing experience and I thank them for attending ,listening and their input .The kind words said after the talk have inspired me once again to keep going
I also want to thanks to the staff and students for asking and agreeing to do a project on the letters received
I will add more details and photos later tonight once my wee mum is in bed
Big thanks to Scott Morrison, marjory Sutherland, Joan Fleming and all the students for inviting me and organizing this event


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  1. Tommy i was one of the lecturers that attended (asked what drives you You gave a great presentation bringing it home to the hearts of both the students and the staff. Some deep and personal information you gave on a very difficult subject. You should feel unbelievably proud of your work. Best of luck on your tours!

    Liam McFadden


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