Friday, 30 March 2012

Meeting NHS Community Engagement Team Today To Update On Progress

I will be meeting Daniel from the NHS Community  Engagement Team today for feedback on my talk a few weeks ago to the Operating Division’s Patient Focus & Public Involvement steeringGroup.
Daniel organised the talk a few weeks ago and we will be discussing how we can take things forward .I have already had contact with some of the people who attended and we are looking at ways for me to do more talks within the NHS..My hope is to do as many talks as I can within the care sector about Dementia caring for my mum, the letters I receive and the people I meet on my awareness campaign along with showing my wee film .I firmly believe speaking as a son and carer is the best way to bring more understanding on dementia and life caring for a loved one to the people who work and supply the care we need and get
I feel hearing how we live and cope from people like me who are caring or have cared in the past has more impact than any training film or talk used ,We as carers  can tell the true expreince of caring and the needs of the loved ones we care for and I am grateful for the opportunities coming my way at this time

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