Friday, 23 March 2012

Dementia, Our Life Stories Can Help Others …………………

I meet with the Deputy First Minister Again on May 9th to update and discuss the people I meet on this tour and hand over more letters I receive.
We have a great opportunity to tell our story to a health minister who is listening, our stories, and our life stories can help bring more understanding on how we feel and live caring for a loved suffering with dementia, dementia does always allow  happy endings so here’s one we can be part of our life stories helped others .now I for one believe that’s an ending to our story we can others with.In amongst the heartbreak and tragedy we face, we can help others
Please help others, share you’re life story help decision makers who at this moment are listening help them understand how we feel ,guide them to a better future for all
Share you’re story do not let this chance slip away ,we as carers sit in silence to long, take a chance to help others


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