Thursday, 8 March 2012

Today at St. Margaret of Scotland Hospice

A wee bit disappointed in my talk today, I kind of lost my way a little and hope anyone who attended will forgive me for getting a wee bit emotional and mixed up. Earlier today my mum and I attended the funeral of my cousin and i had many things going through my mind before going up to talk. The sadness of saying goodbye to a family member along with meeting friends an family, many of whom we have not seen in such a long time played heavy on my mind..As a son and carer you disguise the effects watching a mum you love succumb to all that dementia brings has on you And today was one of the days I could not hide the sadness in losing a cousin,witnessing my mums daily struggle with dementia and my daily struggle to be a good son and carer
Sorry if my talk was a wee bit back to front, but most days feel back to front just now


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