Friday, 30 March 2012

Dementia and Caring in Glasgow Let Me Know You’re Thoughts

Back in February I had a cross party motion passed at Glasgow city council based on my awareness campaign and the letters I receive, to look at dementia and caring in Glasgow. The motion passed agrees to put together a report and action plan on all aspects of dementia and caring under the cover of Glasgow City Council .I will be a member of this cross party group, The group will be formed after the local elections in May, you’re thoughts and opinions will play a big part in the discussions and form the basis of this report
Please e mail or get in touch with any point of view, ideas or issues to help us bring more understanding and help to all who are suffering with Dementia   or caring for a loved on with
You can e mail me direct at
I would like to extend thanks to John Flanagan who raised this motion for me along with David McDonald,Matt Kerr for supporting and the whole city council for passing the said motion .This is a great opportunity for us to share our thoughts and opinions’ and get the help we deserve and need, we as carers and families know better than anyone the struggles we face caring for a loved one .while on the subject of caring in Glasgow I would also like to say thank to Stephen Fitzpatrick Ann Cummings from SW  for their interest in this campaign and our thoughts and opinions and look forward to our next meeting

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