Thursday, 29 March 2012

Carr Gomm Forum Today

It was quite an emotional day today ,I was a guest speaker at the Carr Gomm forum at the Palace of Art Glasgow , This was also the first place involved in caring I approached to hang a poster up about my campaign to collect letters ,and the first place last year I was given the opportunity to speak about my campaign at an event .Carr Gomm have an office at the top of my street and Irene ,Christine and all the team have become good friends since the day I walked in their door and help me emotionally and with basic things like photocopying etc .things that I cant do from my bedroom or afford too . As with last year there was a great turn out and Christine had everything looking great for the guests (thank you for the amazing display on all the articles etc about my campaign)
Much has changed since my talk there last year but there is still so much to do in raising awareness on dementia and the life carers and families lead. Tomorrow will be the same as yesterday and today caring for my mum as best I can and using the 22 hours free time I have a week to raise awareness in a positive manner
Thank you all for inviting me back
I will add some photos later

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