Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Lewy Body Dementia Association .Georgia Alabama Thank You

Good Morning ,
Thank you to Angela from the Lewy Body Dementia Association .Georgia Alabama for making contact and the kind word about my campaign and film
As mentioned before my wee mum Joan has Vascular Dementia and the more I campaign the more aware I become of others This is the reason I campaign to try and bring more understanding on dementia to the wider public,on the life we lead and the struggles we face ,I will be speaking to Angela over the next week about my campaign and to learn more of the work they do ,I had a very inspiring meeting yesterday with some students from GSA and feel very positive about my planned dementia and caring through art project ,And last but by no means least looking forward to speaking at the Carr Gomm forum tomorrow ,back to the forum and place of  first of the first  talk I ever done on dementia awareness. caring for my mum and my campaign

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