Saturday, 10 March 2012

SNP Conference Raising Awareness

SNP Conference Raising Awareness

I was at the SNP conference today (my first conference) and would like to say thank you to the Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon for inviting me for a coffee and a chat about the awareness campaign .we sat for twenty minutes chatting about the letters, the people I have met on this tour, my mum and life as a son and carer
We are meeting again on May 9th, when I will be handing in my third report on my awareness activities (a report on the people I meet ,their thoughts and the talks I do) along with the letters and e mails I receive .I still truly believe our life stories will help bring more understanding on the lives we lead ,so keep them coming
I also bumped into and attended a fringe meeting with Fiona collie and Lynn Williams, also a big thank to David McDonald and john Shaw for taking time to chat
While I was there I handed out some DVDs of the Tommyontour film long with my blog details to delegates and exhibitors I was introduced to ,
I hope a few will get in touch and help me raise awareness on dementia and caring for a loved one

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