Friday, 23 March 2012

Dementia our Life Stories, Thoughts and Opinions

Good Morning
I have been caring for my mum for nearly five years now and raising awareness for just over one Looking back I sit broken hearted watching dementia taking over both my mums and my own life .Every week I meet families struggling to cope as we do ,I see and feel everyday all that dementia brings .In amongst this tragedy I feel privileged to have met the amazing families and carers who have faced or are  facing this tragic illness and all the comes  with it .Like them I ask and hope that our loved one are given the best care available and treated with the respect and dignity they deserve There are many people out there doing great things to help us and we should never forget that,at the same time there is to large a percentage of people who have no understanding of dementia and the toll it takes on families and their loved ones ..This is the reason I collect life stories from families affected, I want to use them to try and raise awareness and bring a clearer understanding on how we live and  feel , in my case why I cry myself to sleep most nights.
I have hopes and concerns ,my hopes and my reason to keep campaigning is that we have a Deputy First  /Health Minister who is reading out stories and listening to us.

That gives me hope
That’s why I believe in life stories I believe we as carers  and families can describe best and  show all how we live and feel ,we can represent dementia or any  reason we care better than anyone
We have a chance to tell out story lets not waste it

Thomas whitelaw
Son, carer would be campaigner


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