Thursday, 22 March 2012

Meeting With Social Work and Adult Services Tomorrow

I will be meeting with social works and adult services leads tomorrow ,This will be my third meeting and I am encouraged by their interest in the thoughts of carers and families who live with dementia and care for a loved one As this campaign grows and I learn more  its worth remembering that a lots of the good services available get funding from SW  a few months ago when my mum had problems attending day care my own social worker was quick to act and supplied the emergency funding needed to pay for my Alzheimer Scotland befrienders along with giving emotional support .I would also like to thank my local carer group who over the last week have been helping with an evaluation of both my mum and own care ,This leads me back to what I have said all along there are many things we all need to be put in place to keep pace with all that dementia brings but not knowing or having access to help that is already  available is tragedy  we need to work on and work on quickly


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