Saturday, 2 November 2013

Isolation, Loneliness,Understanding we can changethem, can’t we?

Isolation, Loneliness and Understanding we can cure them, can’t we?

Dementia at this time has no cure but in my own experience caring for my mum for 5 years there are 3 words that appear in so many of the letters I receive, which are Loneliness, Isolation and Understanding. 
We were lonely, we were isolated and too often we did not understand.  People who were involved in our care with great intentions did not understand and those words and feelings are repeated time and time again, loneliness and isolation are still a major issue in my life since my we mum passed away.  We become isolated from society and the outside world even as a busy campaigner for as many hours as I can this re-adjustment to life is difficult.  But why should it be this way and how did we become so lonely and isolated, why is there so little understanding from within and towards us.

For me we have to start speaking more openly and honestly about dementia and caring, if we do this then we will understand better when facing this illness.  When caring for a loved one we will understand more and all who surround us or people who are involved in this journey will have a better understanding of this illness and how it can affect people with Dementia and their carers.
We can change those three words across society Loneliness, Isolation and Understanding, as they play such a big part in our chance to live, love and cherish
for all the things we can’t cure at this time we should spend some time curing the things we can.   
My journey caring for my mum is over, we were lonely and isolated and I still am.  We did not understand for too long what was happening and in many ways I still don’t understand but we can do better going forward in the future.


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