Sunday, 24 November 2013

Sisters , for mums sister who sadly passed away last week

My mums big sister sadly passed away last Saturday ,My Aunty Margaret (Blondie ) was my mums pal 
They spent many a Saturday when mum was able roaming the shops  of Paisley and Glasgow for a wee bargain 

My Aunty was incredibly kind to mum and I ,always there to help us out in our time of need 
When we really struggled to make ends meet after 6 years of caring and if I could not afford to do a talk whilst caring for mum ,Blondie was always there 

I always felt I had a friend who would stand up for us and protect us if needed 

Blondie was mums sister ,friend and my Aunty and my friend 

Sending kindness and love to all her wonderful family my cousins and their family 

Thank you Blondie ,thank you from mum and me 



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