Monday, 25 November 2013

Dementia promoting excellence at Alliance Scotland via NHS educationScotland December 9th


Last month I was very honoured to give a presentation to the NHS Dementia promoting exellence board NHS Education Scotland chaired by Henry Simmons chief executive Alzheimer Scotland 

Dementia carer vocies now has a named person - contact at the board Theresa Douglas .Theresa has offered and agreed to facilitate a training  day at the ALLAINCE Scotland who host along with many  other projects and initiatives Dementia carer voices on December 5th 

A great opportunity for not only myself but for many others across many other projects to gain knowledge and training on promoting exellence 

I have also been invited to attend the next board meeting of the dementia promoting exellence programme board on November 4th in Edinburgh 

Thank you Theresa for facilitating the training day and to the board for the invite 


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