Saturday, 2 November 2013

For the good times

My dad used to sing to mum at parties , family parties in Glasgow are something to behold and always ended with a wee sing song and my dad could sing .and every song was for the woman he loved my mum Joan Whitelaw

I miss those days so much just now ,and one of my dads songs was " for the good times" ,they where great times ,the best of times

This sunny Sunday afternoon both dad and mum are firmly in my mind I feel so very lonely in this house without my mum .I am a grown man an adult but can't chase away the heartbreak dementia brought to our door .I struggled so much to keep good times and good days the every day of our life
.the lack of understanding from within and so often towards plays heavy on my mind and in my heart

My dad was right those where the good times and I miss them so

Dementia brought many struggles to us but can't take away the love and kindness that was my mum and dad

For the good times


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