Wednesday, 27 November 2013

A busy day productive day - One of those nights


It has been busy day today. I was off bright and early to Edinburgh to meet with NHS Scotland Community Hospital Improvement Network and then back to Glasgow to speak at Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

The meeting with CHIN was great and we are looking at ways to connect and link up via both our sites.

Later I had my 8th of 8 talks to staff at Glasgow Royal, I have been there every Tuesday for the last month and over 4 weeks back in September.

Thank you to Sally Hughes for the opportunities and to all on the staff rota who took time to attend the talks and engage. A good day all in all.

I am still finding home life and away from my work a bit of a struggle now and again a social life is non existent and sometimes walking in this house when darkness has came leaves me with a sadness inside.

I miss my mum so much just now, I suppose as we get older and our parents pass away we lose a whole life time of having the people we can truly rely on there.

And I miss that I miss mum and dad they made sense of the days and nights I felt unsure of.

A wee photo of happier times with my beautiful mum and wonderful dad ,



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  1. Tommy, this is so heart touching! I feel your sadness in my heart and I am looking for words , but I do not find the words that can really reflect my feeling right now. My thoughts are with you, and I send you comforting hugs, my friend.


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