Wednesday, 19 December 2012

2012 A broken heart and inspired by the kindness of people

2012 was the toughest of years and the toughest of the 5 I cared for my mum .22-09-12 when my wee mum passed away finally broke my breaking heart .we had many struggles over  the years, my mums struggle with dementia and my struggle to care and witness, the last 6 months any struggles where overtaken by a great sadness in my heart and my mum grew weaker and was confined to bed and when it does not feel so raw or sore I write my mums story in full not defined by dementia but kindness .and an ability to care for and about all she met .for all the struggles we faced ,we also faced great kindness ,this campaign started together in my mums name has inspired my heart much like my mum inspired me .the kindness of people I have met and many many more I have not but have taken this campaign to heart shows me that tragedy can be matched by kindness. I am grateful to all who added value to my mums journey .I grateful to all who have been part of this campaign in person or on social media .the amazing people who have shared their life stories with me and who have shared this story 2012 will always be remembered as a year that broke my heart along with a year that many people made my heart smile .my mum would be so grateful for the kindness shown as I am, so thank you
You may have broken my heart 2012 but you have only made my desire stronger to raise awareness.
Thank you for the kindness the support the greatness of people

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