Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Thank you to people that I now know and the ones I have yet to meet a year that broke my heart a year of awareness

Thank you –to people I know and the ones I have yet to meet a year that broke my heart a year of awareness
It’s getting near the end of 2012 and this will always be a year remembered by me as a year that broke me heart,But in many ways my heart was broken long before my wee mum passed away on September 22nd .the journey mum faced especially towards the end sent me to bed to many times full of tears ,and woke me up on to many mornings struggling to cope and witness all that dementia brought and that continues now ,with memories that hurt but also memoires that make my heart smile I want to say thank you to all the amazing people who have taken our story to heart and shared with others .to the amazing families who shared their life stories and the ones I have met on my tour , the people who have inspired me along the way forgotten heroes who add value to the lives of others in their communities and to the people on Twitter and Facebook most of whom I have never met but feel I know .to all who have invited me to talks to share this story, a story about families like mine .a story that was started by one me amazing wee mums
I want to thank you for taking my wee mum into your hearts and I am so grateful .We have lost the person who inspired this campaign my wee mum but as in mum mums life it was always about others, that’s was her way and this campaign will continue and grow and this story will go on, no matter how sad my heart feels, this story will go on
There are too many to thank in name but thank you all for the support and for sharing

I look forward to 2013 with new plans to raise awareness and hope in my heart
#remember Joan

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