Thursday, 20 December 2012

Job center today, then meeting with Liza who produced radio show about life stories for a catch up

Well I have my now new fortnightly visit to the Job center,after 5 years of caring and isolation socially ,much like my job seekers allowance its all a bit of a struggle .I have to say though that the gentleman I deal with is very understanding of my circumstances and my desire that nothing gets in the way of my campaign .I am kind of used to scraping by, 5 years of caring will do that to you .My days are pretty much full up for the next months with talks and projects so its all a bit of dilemma .I need to find a job to survive but not at the cost of a campaign that is my passion .so who knows how things will go .After the JC  I am meeting the lovely Liza who produced the Sally Magnusson special last month on the life stories on BBC  radio Scotland ,she kindly got in touch to take me for a coffee and see how I was coping and doing .we hear many negative stories about Journalism I have met so many kind passionate journalists over this campaign and this is another example of someone who cares .and I hope she is getting the coffees as it would be a strain on my Job seeker allowance and might ruin my opinion of kind journalists (only kidding)

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