Friday, 21 December 2012

Wishing all a peaceful Christmas - Thank you

A wee message of thanks for all who taken time to visit my wee blog or have supported or shared my wee awareness campaign .I wish ypu  all a peaceful Christmas and Happy new year when it comes
This can be a difficult time for many people and with my wee mum passing away in September it will be a time to look back and cherish the good times I hope. I cared for my wee mum for 5 years and some words or feelings  that come up often within the life stories I receive and are reflected in my own experience are loneliness ,isolation and understanding .For all we face in life there are many things we can’t  change ,my mum had vascular dementia  an illness at this time we cannot cure ,but we can cure loneliness ,isolation and understanding  .we were painfully lonely to often over the years caring for mum and it takes its toll .So I hope if you read this you might pick up the phone ,or send a wee card to tell someone you are thinking of them .that gift of love and understanding  is a wonderful gift to give. If you have a family member friend .neighbour or anyone for that matter that might a need a few words of support, then hope you give them. You might make their Christmas less lonely you might even change their life

I know about loneliness  I felt  it in my heart to often and I also know the difference words of support can make to the loneliest of hearts

 Thank you for supporting my awareness campaign and a merry Christmas to you all


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